Brock Robbins, FSA
Head of US Inforce and Deputy CEO North America

Promoted to his current role in 2019, Brock is responsible for the technical aspects of the Americas business, including finance, pricing, risk, medical underwriting and legal. He had previously served as head of US markets and was named Deputy CEO  in 2017. Brock joined the company (then Transamerica Reinsurance) in 2003 as Vice President and Chief Life Actuary.

Brock previously worked at a large Canadian life insurer where he was Vice President and General Manager of the company’s life reinsurance business after serving as Chief Financial Officer for the company’s international and reinsurance businesses. In these roles, Brock has been responsible for general management and business development as well as for specific financial management functions including pricing, product development and valuations.

Brock also has several years of experience in product development, accident and health and valuation areas. Brock is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, where he earned a mathematics degree with a specialty in actuarial science. He is a Fellow, Society of Actuaries.

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