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Richard de Sousa
Managing Director, Europe & Americas, ReMark International

​Richard De Sousa is Managing Director of Europe & Americas at ReMark International, a direct distribution consultancy business – wholly owned by SCOR Global Life and part of SCOR Global Distribution Solutions.

After completing an MBA in Finance from the University of Leicester, U.K. in 2007, Richard joined ReMark Canada in 2008 as Vice President of Client Services. He then moved to Europe, living in the Netherlands and France -  initially developing ReMark's business in Southern Europe. Richard was then promoted to head up ReMark's business in Latin America and continental Europe. Expanding his role to include the North American operations as well, he took on the managing director role for those markets.

From auto-underwriting solutions to e-health platforms, Richard's expert understanding of market forces and consumer behaviour ensures ReMark's clients – and their customers –  benefit from technological solutions which create seamless customer journeys for a better experience on the pathway to purchase.

Richard has nearly 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and distribution in the insurance sector and is a frequent speaker at various industry conferences in Europe and the United States about a variety of topics (distribution, consumer behaviour, legislation, emerging technologies and others).

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