Colin Kearney
Global Head of Underwriting and Claims

Colin is responsible for the direct supervision of SCOR’s Underwriting and Claims functions globally, which includes motivating all of our markets to embrace and adapt to the accelerating speed and focus on improving the Insurance customer journey. His primary duties are risk management of medical underwriting and claims, operational efficiencies, continuous improvement of SCOR’s underwriting claims manuals (SOLEM) and participating in underwriting and claims innovation initiatives. 

Colin promotes all aspects of the exchange of best practices with a strong belief in the value of collaboration among our markets and functions as well as ensuring our teams have the knowledge and tools available to better serve our clients and, in turn, ensuring an exceptional experience for the insurance consumer.   

Prior to his current role, Colin has worked in a number of markets including Canada, the United States, France, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Colin has more than 30 years of experience working in the reinsurance and insurance industry and has presented at numerous events and seminars. He is a founding member of the French Underwriters Association and holds an MBA from the Open University Business School in Milton Keynes and numerous insurance certificates, including qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Insurance and the AHOU.

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