Webinars discuss topics of interest to underwriters and, on occasion, to actuaries. View the most recent SCORcast webinars and industry presentations by SCOR subject matter experts, and be sure to subscribe to receive information about future webinars.

Webinars reflect medical knowledge at the time they were developed, and since medicine evolves rapidly, some of the information being outdated.

These hour-long webinars may take a few minutes to download and begin playing. Please be patient. Here is a list of our most recent SCORcast webinars:

Long-term Impacts of Pregnancy Complications
June 2019

Financial Underwriting (3-part series)
June 2019

Engaging Your Inforce with Health Assessment Services
April 2019

Traumatic Brain Injuries (Spanish edition)
February 2019

Broken Heart Syndrome
February 2019

Mortality Studies in Underwriting
February 2019

Alcohol Use Disorder
November 2018

HIV in 2018
September 2018

Traumatic Brain Injuries
August 2018

Changing Consumer Behaviors in Life Insurance
July 2018

Polycystic Kidney Disease
June 2018

Atrial Fibrillation: When Atria Tremble
March 2018

Obesity and Opioid Epidemic in the US
December 2017

Lynch Syndrome
October 2017

Somewhere over the Growth Chart...Juvenile Obesity
July 2017

Mitral & Aortic Valvular Diseases in Adults
May 2017