SCOR Global Life Americas releases Velogica® 5.0: The next iteration of innovative underwriting solution for life insurance
Latest Velogica aims to help protect families by facilitating easily acquired life insurance at affordable prices while integrating most advanced evidence sources digitally

SCOR Partners with Haven Life and Insurtech Startup Afficiency to Launch Innovative Term Life Insurance that Provides Monthly Benefit to US Policyholders' Families
SCOR joins Haven Life and Afficiency to launch a radically innovative insurance option in the U.S. Called Haven Secure, this new term life insurance product provides a monthly financial benefit to the families of policyholders. Coverage aims to match a policyholder’s salary for a more intuitive purchase. The policy is underwritten in real-time to provide an instant decision on coverage eligibility – and if approved, customers’ coverage begins immediately.

This latest partnership demonstrates SCOR’s leadership to help make life products more relevant and desirable for end consumers.

SCOR Supports Verisk's New Technology to Help Streamline the Life Underwriting Process in the US
In an era of increased amounts of electronic data and competitive advantages of fast underwriting decisions, SCOR recently partnered with Verisk, a leading data analytics provider, to develop a new tool that helps Life insurers to fast track applications, by using data from consumer-authorized electronic health records (EHRs). 
The EHR Triage Engine streamlines the manual underwriting workflow – reducing decision time from weeks to minutes. The tool bypasses manual workflows, leveraging advanced predictive analytics and automation to digitally ingest and analyze EHRs. It can evaluate 95,000 impairments in five minutes or less, so Life insurers can qualify as much as 85 percent of applicants for coverage with minimal or no underwriter review. 

New Report on Health & Wellness Sponsored by SCOR
SCOR collaborated with Coverager and several partners to explore how select companies are navigating this current pandemic environment. The resulting report chronicles the journey of health and wellness within the industry and the innovations that are currently driving dynamic developments in disease diagnosis and treatment.

SCOR Supports Innovative New Term Life Insurance Product

SCOR has been instrumental in developing a new term life insurance policy that pays an employee's beneficiary an amount equal to the policyholder's paycheck every month — for up to 15 years after initial purchase — if they were to pass away during the coverage period. The Salary Protection product issued by MassMutual subsidiary C.M. Life provides more robust coverage amounts than other group life insurance policies, which generally pay out only 1 or 2 times the employee's annual salary.