Employer Stop Loss

​With an ever changing health care market SCOR is positioned to protect your self funded clients against catastrophic medical risks. Are you working with the right partner?

Our highly experienced and professional team can help employers manage their claim volitility through our stop loss programs. We combine risk assessment and medical management services to help control costs and improve quality of care while guarding against financial losses. We access the stop loss market through our select group of approved brokers, consultants and TPA's.

SCOR offers employer stop loss products to find the right risk management solutions for your clients. SCOR takes a long term view of a highly competitive industry to ensure stability and client satisfaction. We aspire to do the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

Risk Protection

  • One of world's largest and strongest Reinsurance companies
  • In-depth analysis of PPO networks & medical management capabilities
  • Customized coverage options
  • Unlimited lifetime maximums


  • Clear and concise contract design
  • Alternate funding arrangements
  • Wide range of deductible options
  • Experience refunds
  • Available second-year rate caps

Support Services

  • Medical director and nurse consultation
  • Coordinate complex claims
  • Access to transplant networks and high performing vendors
  • Electronic Claim management

Our team at SCOR looks forward to working with you and welcomes long term partnership opportunities.

Please direct requests for proposal to HealthQuotes@scor.com