​​​​Technical competence, industry knowledge, business savvy, creativity, interpersonal communication skills and self-motivation are critical factors in the success formula for the actuaries at SCOR Global Life Americas. Actuaries are integral to our dynamic and challenging risk management environment, driving the tactical alignment of our competencies to client needs. We have three types of actuarial roles, which attract different types of people.

  • Marketing actuaries drive the growth of our business by working with the sales team to leverage customer relationships and execute account and business acquisition strategies. Key characteristics include assertiveness, leadership, strategic negotiating, sense of urgency, strong interpersonal skills and adaptable to change.
  • Pricing actuaries support the pricing of our new business, involving risk analysis, building projection models and working with our sales team to customize solutions for clients. Key characteristics include technical expertise, analytical nature, model-building proficiency, creative problem solving and negotiating.
  • Valuation actuaries build and maintain complex actuarial models to support embedded value assumptions, cash flow testing, valuation responsibilities, annual budget projections and other functions. Key characteristics include attention to detail, sense of urgency and preciseness when working with large amounts of complex financial data.

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