The challenges of administering highly complex reinsurance transactions in the Americas for premiums, claims and retrocession require a team of diversely skilled and highly motivated professionals. We have three primary operational roles:

  • Premium analysts are responsible for booking payments that our direct company clients pay for their reinsurance coverage and for identifying trends in premium, volume and lapsation. Successful premium analysts are able to analyze data, looking for potential errors and questioning things that seem out of the ordinary.
  • Claims analysts are responsible for analyzing and approving payment for SCOR Global Life Americas’ liabilities on life insurance policies reinsured by the company. Successful claims analysts demonstrate strong analytical skills, a customer service orientation and an ability to effectively manage one’s time to meet aggressive performance goals.
  • Retrocession specialists mitigate company volatility by ensuring the company does not keep more risk on the books for any individual insured than what is permitted by our internal retention limit. Key characteristics include a high degree of detail orientation, problem-solving and analytical nature and the ability to multi-task while dealing with high volume, high risk policy data.

Our operational analysts are driven to find perfection in the details. Other important traits include problem solving, thorough follow-through, desire to create process improvements, familiarity with treaty language and contract compliance and advanced skills in Microsoft Excel and Access.